A Week in Review: Playing with Fear


I must admit I am a latecomer to F.E.A.R ... I had promised myself a few months ago that I had shot my last zombie and never again would I lift my shotgun to get a heads-up kill on a moaning undead creature. Consequently, F.E.A.R lay on the shelf and even its sequel passed me by. Till lately, that is. And I am passing glad that i am still tailing Paxton Fettel and being given the shivers (the game does a splendid job of it) by the apparition of Alma. The dark passages and the frantic moments when I've wasted bullets on my own shadow or a harmless see through zombie are quite unforgettable. Anyway, this is old stuff for any gamer worth his or her salt ... I should be talking about GTA IV (when i've played it, though... i'm still waiting for the pc version).

The reason why i can't resist talking about F.E.A.R is the sheer joy of returning to FPS games through such a great one. I'd better switch the lights off and enjoy my fear!


  1. I second being a latecomer - even though I remember having played F.E.A.R. via pc at Leipzig GC 2005 and being very impressed by the physics engine. As of now Rudolf and I are struggling (and trembling!) through the XBOX 360 version, and what gets to me this time around is, as you said Souvik, the atmosphere. I am not ashamed to admit that this little Alma girl scares the bejeezus out of me!! Apart from that, I think F.E.A.R.'s handling of the slo-mo feature is particularly satisfying - much more so than in the first Max Payne game. Still I wonder - wherein lie the reasons for your vow to abstain from killing the occasional zombie?

  2. 'this little Alma girl scares the bejeezus out of me': couldn't have put it better. The number of futile rounds that i have emptied into her in endless panic ...

    I like the slo-mo but i am a die-hard fan of Max Payne. Ever since i stepped into Roscoe Street Station, I have had a strange bonding with Max. But this is for another posting.

    As for the zombies, my last encounter with them (except for the ones in F.E.A.R) was when i was blowing up the Russian-speaking zombies in S.T.A.L.K.E.R ...
    maybe the concoction of in-game vodka and zombies doesn't suit me too well. But should the need arise, far be it from me not to shoulder my shotgun yet again