Lecture on South Asian Games and Globalisation

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I gave a lecture called 'The Many Faces of Solid Snake' for some postgrads in NTU. In it I focused on the problems that videogames experience as global media and how, arguably, they even exhibit this in a more accentuated manner than earlier media. I spoke of the global nature of videogames being describable as 'rhizomatic' in the Deleuzoguattarian sense. The global, however, is not 'smooth' in the case of videogames. Koichi Iwabuchi's concept of 'cultural odorlessness' of Japanese games describes the problem well: non-Japanese perceptions of Pokemon as a 'cool' Japanese product may actually differ from the perceptions in Japan itself thus complicating the global network into something beyond a simple series of universal linkages. I'm probably ending up simplifying this too much. Anyway, i enjoyed the lecture and the research into what was a comparatively little-trodden area for me.

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