Graduation Day

I am now finally and undisputably Dr Souvik Mukherjee after being awarded my PhD scroll at a grand (and expensive) graduation ceremony at Nottingham's Royal Centre on 22nd July. Later on, in between the 'official' ceremony and my celebrations with close friends, I had a mini ceremony of my own, befitting the spirit of my research so far.

Visiting GameStation in my doctoral gown.

In August Company: (from right) Dan, Phil, John and me. Dave I missed you at this one.

With my parents


  1. Congratulations! I wonder what aide quests open up or how the plot will progress now you've finished the agonisingly long tutorial ;)

    Hopefully the unskippable graduation cutscene wasn't too boring :D

    Also, you might be interested in this game club, that's restarting next week; - just occurred to me you're in Nottingham, hehe.

  2. Thanks folks! Jesper, good to hear from you. Have been following 'The Ludologist' quite keenly - congrats yourself on your new position.

    Andrew, the tutorial was indeed agonising and without any power-ups, it was a difficult and buggy journey. I did try pressing escape frantically but the cutscene was relentless. Then again, I've always had good words for the story-element and I guessone has to give in to necessity, at times ...

    the game club seems interesting, any chance of it being in the evenings? I survive the non-game world by doing a 9 to 5 IT job.

  3. The club is next Thursday evening, the website has details of times and place :) Might be worth popping along to at least the opening one to see how it is (I personally want to play Settlers of Catan there if someone brings it, heh).

  4. congratulation ! well done .