Videogames in India: A Research Survey

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I conducted a small-scale survey among the members of the Nasscom Gaming Forum on Facebook for my book chapter on videogames in India. I received 29 responses in all - not much one could call it indicative, I guess. Thought I'd share some of the stats especially as not many such survey results are freely available:

Which videogame genre do you prefer playing most?

Which age group do you belong to?
Please state your gender

What platform do you design your games for?

How is the Indian gaming industry faring currently, according to you?

How much time do you think will be required to bring the Indian gaming industry to world standards?

How important do you think storytelling is to the gameplay experience? (This question is slightly unrelated to the rest and was asked with my research on narratives in mind but I thought I'd include it anyway)

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  1. This is a really good survey,sir! The last three questions really got to the ribs of the business where India is concerned, and the feedback, I feel,was apt and only to be expected, even among developers of games. After all, I remember less than a handful of proper games I bumped into,made in India. There was one named Battle Dust, modelled on the Mortal Kombat tradition, or maybe Tekken and the like,which failed to meet the mark with several drawbacks. I'm not aware of any recent developments,which, if any,have surely been eclipsed by what is aboard in the more exalted tiers of the art and craft of game-making.