The House of Jimius in The Escapist magazine

Read more on Jimius in The Escapist. Michael Cook's article finally indicates a trend that I've been awaiting for a long time: serious discussion of game-stories.

Planning a conference paper on this before anyone beats me to it (which is most often the case). Details forthcoming.


  1. Sounds neat, I'm all for more academic resources regarding the nature of stories in games (especially stories which evolve out of games usually seen as having "no story" or "no narrative").

    I bet there is *something* out there in a similar line, but nothing quite so specific as you're suggesting. (finding that something is hard though, any resources for videogame research you know of?)

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I seem to remember that we agreed on this when we had that little chat, two months back.

    Perhaps Will Slocombe's work on Deus Ex and Redemption and even my own work on STALKER (not being modest here) might interest you. I am indeed planning to interview the great Jimius ... seriously. Laugh as you may, you are my other target :)

    aiming to pick up the pieces from gamecity.



  3. Don't just try and get me to comment, try others:


    There's a fair few, as noted in the Escapist article, blogs about such experiences. I'm certainly no where near the level of them, although I know about some of my own experiences in more open games (Medieval Total war 2, STALKER, Civilization 4, etc.)

    I still need to play STALKER 2 actually, I've been sidetracked by Fallout 3 and, really, sorting my PC out an awful lot.