PhD Viva

This is a red-letter day not just for the US but also for Ludus Ex. Today, I successfully defended my thesis 'From Reading Games to Playing Books'. I was examined by Dr Will Slocombe of Aberystwyth University and Dr Daniel Cordle from my own university (Nottingham Trent University).

I thank the examiners for reading my work so thoroughly and my supervisors (Dr Phil Leonard and Dr Dave Woods) for their invaluable help , without which this thesis would not have been possible.

A draft version of the thesis will be uploaded on my website as well as on Ludus Ex as soon as I stop celebrating and get some rest. I still can't believe it. I can see messages to a Dr Mukherjee on my Facebook page ... are they for me ? Must be ...


  1. Will be there some -Dr. Mukherjee in a festal academic dress- pics shown to the public? ;)

  2. Brava!!!
    Well done. Great achievement.
    Keep up the work ;)