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Nottingham's suddenly become more of a happening place for me as far as videogames are concerned. In an earlier post, I mentioned GameCityNights that's being organised by the inimitable Iain Simons (he of the 100 Videogames and GameCity fame). Besides this, Nottingham Trent University has offered me a role in designing a postgrad course on games as part of the Champions of Academic Enterprise programme. The name's a tad too grand for me but it's great that I have some role in game research at NTU. Anyway, I prefer calling it CoAE (Kwa!) - sounds nicer.

I've got some great team members: Russell Murray (he wrote the 'Poirot' screenplays) and Simon Schofield (artist, coder and PKD fan: Simon's got a multimedia installation called 'Kipple Pond' in Sheffield Museum - go see it!). I'm probably still not allowed to say what exactly we have planned but this course is going to aim at exploring unconventional uses of videogames.

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