Lara Croft Blog

Just came across a Lara Croft blog. The random next blog feature in blogger is to be thanked. The blog is called 'Adventures of Lara Croft' and is a sort of after-action report on Tomb Raider games. The author is quite passionate about Lara and posts videos of his games and Lara Croft's adventures in mods. He tells stories, offers advice on gameplay and tests out mods.

Another entry for my walkthroughs and AAR database.

A sample story cited by Ashley (the putative author of the blog) begins thus:

In the snowy mountains of Alaska Lara has to make a forced landing with her helicopter because of engine trouble. Now she does not know how to get home on time for Christmas...

The rest is to be found here. There's so much of meta stuff that game researchers like myself miss. Videogames are still a very young area and they are growing very fast in different directions. The AAR and walkthrough are examples of areas that are in urgent need of research and exploration.


  1. What's AAR stand for then? Google, Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary don't help ;) (I'm adding things to *my* database of stuff :) ).

  2. After-action report (, sir. By the way, it was Andrew's site that led me to this whole area - remember your post on the House of Jimius?

  3. Ahhhhh! Yep, of course, House of Jimius, the adventures of Nail-gun Agent 47, and so forth.

    Yes, important stuff indeed :) and fun to read!