Stalker in Potsdam!

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Becoming Stalker: Looking Forward to the Games and Philosophy Conference

It's finally happening! I am going to present a paper at the Games and Philosophy Conference at the University of Potsdam in exactly four days from now. I'm quite thrilled (to say the least) because of two reasons mainly: 1) this will be my first visit to Germany and 2) I'll be able to meet game studies heavyweights like Ian Bogost, Jesper Juul and Richard Bartle to name a few.

What am I speaking on? It's a combination of all my pet obsessions - Deleuze, S.T.A.L.K.E.R , cinema ...

Will write a detailed post when i come back. I can't help noting that planning for this trip (including the visa hassle) has proved no less than a bad bossfight: let's see what the next level holds in store.

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