The Ludologist is Five Years Old

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out of the crib: end of the incunabular period of game studies?

.... So you see Game Studies isn't a baby any more.

Congratulations to Jesper Juul on five fruitful years of forming my thoughts on the ludic and posing conceptual challenges. Juul's post can be read here. Says Juul,

Video game studies are progressing nicely in my opinion, but there the long tradition of play research seems to be constantly ignored.
It’s official: The new conflict in video game studies is between those who study players and those who study games.
The magic circle is for real.
Some bad news for me ... I don't like conflicts (except with pixellated zombies and headcrabs). And as for the 'magic circle', pace Huizinga, I'm not too sure. As i commented on his blog, 'is the magic real or is reality magical or is everything very circular?'
All the best to The Ludologist. It's been one of the first things that I see when I open my iGoogle page ... and will continue being so, I'm sure.

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