PKD-Day@NTU, 14th June 2008

Wow! I am on a blogging spree it seems. Well, I've just finished designing the website for the PKD-Day event at my uni (Nottingham Trent University) that I am co-organising. This is the second event of its kind and aims to celebrate the genius of science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick through various aspects of responses to PKD from among the Phildickian community.

GAMERS PLEASE NOTE: Barry Atkins has very kindly agreed to do a talk on PKD and videogames. His talk is titled "Videogames: Playing in a Dickian Universe".

Those interested in Phildickian news , please check out Total Dick-Head's and Frolix-8's blogs. They have both posted on PKD-Day 2. Last but not least, check out the event's website and also the designing skills (or the lack of them) of yours truly. I promise to buy a drink for the first person who tells me what the picture (the background of the header) means.


  1. Probably I´m too late to get a drink, but I couldn´t pass by without saying something to your background pic:



  2. Thanks for your comment. That is indeed the answer. I will try to send a keg of beer to the mysterious N.